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Equipment panelNitrogen Jet Wiping

Producing intermediate to extra heavy galvanized coating for steel wire. The operator manually sets the nitrogen flow for the desired coating thickness. Coating range possible; 75 to 600 gm/sqm.

Closed Loop Automatic Coating Thickness Control

Coating weight is measured continuously for each wire. Nitrogen flow to each J.W. nozzle is automatically controlled to produce the required coating thickness for that wire. An Industrial Controller allows unlimited products  and provides the operator and supervisor interfaces and displays. This automatic system replaces the manual nitrogen flow control method.

Tight Wiping

For production of light to intermediate galvanized coating.  This is suitable for operation either stand alone or in parallel with the nitrogen wiping equipment.  Both Vertical and Oblique pad wiping are possible.

Zinc Aluminum Coating

The single bath process for producing Galfan Like coatings is available. This process can also produce Zinc coated wire.

Engineering Services and Equipment supply

For wire galvanizing.

Maintenance Services

For wire galvanizing, Internationally.

Automated Coating Weight testing

By the Weigh, Strip, Weigh method. To Laboratory Accuracy. Results in 3 to 5 minutes. Saves time and reduces lab costs.

Coating Thickness Sensors

Vertical Pad Wiping

Nitrogen Wiping

Coating Automation Software

Control software screenshotOperator Screens

Process Management

History Data

NozzleEngineering Solutions  & Services

Specialists in precision manufacturing of equipment for wire galvanising systems

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